Janet Lane Walters lives in the scenic Hudson Valley with her husband of many years. She is the mother of four and the grandmother of four. Writing is her obsession. From the time she began to read at the age of four, she's been intrigued by story-telling. In third grade, she re-wrote the ending to Anna Karenina. During her training as a nurse, she wrote case studies that contained the elements of fiction. An eclectic reader, she's carried her reading habits into her writing career. Her books include mysteries, romances (sweet and sensual), historical and contemporary, fantasies and suspense. She's also published short stories, non-fiction and poetry. There's nothing she enjoys more than asking "what if" and finding what happens to the people she creates.


A SECOND SEDUCTION by Janet Lane Walters (Contemporary Romance)

Mark Blakefield gets the shock of his life when he looks at pictures his friend took at a Vermont Inn where he stayed-It's the girl he fell in love with in college-and her son, who looks remarkably familiar.

Sensuality: Sensual

Captive of an ancient curse, Astrid must journey through the ages, through deceit and betrayal, to find true love and break the curse....
Egypt.... When the touch of an ancient Egyptian necklace hurtles her back through time into the turbulent life of another woman, she discovers the trap holding her spirit captive....

Babylon.... When Astrid touches an ancient Babylonian necklace, she's thrust into the the life of a priestess in the temple of Marduke. When the temple is captured by an Assyrian warrior, he claims all inside as his own ... including her.

Britain.... The heat between Astrid and Duncan becomes incandescent. When she finds a pair of Viking gold medallions, she re-lives her life as Starr, daughter of a village headman about to be forced into marriage with a man she doesn't like or trust. Her flight sends her into the arms of Ragnar, a Viking.

Eight realms await her. Eight chances to redeem herself and break the curse holding her spellbound...perhaps for eternity....


Congratulations to Janet Lane Walters for being a finalist in the Dream Realm Awards.

The Brotherhood of Mages

The Brotherhood of Mages -- The Black Jewel has been destroyed and several of the Jewels of Earda need Holders. In their hidden refuge, the Brotherhood of Mages plot to destroy the newly-found peace. When Jindera's brother is kidnapped by the Mages, she vows to rescue him. She joins with Corin, a peddler and former thief who has his own issues with the Brotherhood. His way of dealing with them is avoidance. When Jindera is injured, Corin knows he must help her. They encounter the Holders of the Orange and Green Jewel. Jindera bonds with the Red and this small group seeks the Brotherhood, hoping if the refuge is destroyed, evil will be defeated and peace restored to Earda.
Can they rescue Jindera's  brother before the confrontation?

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The Quest For The White Jewel

(The Jewels of Earda Book 1)


On the world of Earda, the Jewels rule all.  Power flows from their depths,
      and the world responds to the will of their holders - and, the will of holder
      of the Black Jewel, which rules them all. Yet, legend speaks of a time when
      there was no Black Jewel, and the lands were ruled in peace by the White
      Jewel. They are merely legends, now, the truth of it lost in the mists of
      time. Or are they? Liara and her foster-brother, Brader, intend to find out.

      "An incredible journey into a detailed
               and vibrant fantasy world!"
       - Mike Pettigraf, Paper Tiger Reviews

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The Secret of The Jewels (The Jewels of Earda 3)

Janet Lane Walters

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The Black Jewel has been destroyed and the White Jewel rules the others. The Brotherhood of Mages are in flight and many of the mages are dead. Something troubles the Jewel Holders. The words of an elderly Healer send them on quests to find the secret of the Jewels they hold. Are the Jewels merely tools or is there a hidden danger in their use? The seven Holders must learn the truth.


Something is amiss at Hudson Community Hospital and Johanna Gordon, D.O.N. needs to discover what the CEO plans.
  • Title: Come Into the Light
  • Author: Janet Lane Walters
  • Author 
  • Author 
  • ISBN-10: 0-7599-4459-8
  • ISBN-13:  978-0-7599-4459-6
  • Publication Date: 11/1/2004
  • Artist: Dirk A. Wolf
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When Susan Randall finds the body of the hospital's gossip queen in the orthopedic storage room, she doesn't realize she was the intended victim and the object of the killer's obsession.
  • Title: Obsessions
  • Author: Janet Lane Walters
  • Author 
  • Author 
  • ISBN-10: 0-7599-0091-4
  • ISBN-13:  978-0-7599-0091-2
  • Publication Date: 11/1/2001
  • Artist: Warron O Witter
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