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Books We Love Australian historical romance author Margaret Tanner

Margaret Tanner is a multi-published Australian author. She loves delving into the pages of history as she carries out research for her historical romance novels, and prides herself on being historically accurate. No book is too old or tattered for her to trawl through, no museum too dusty, or cemetery too overgrown.  

As part of her research she has visited the World War 1 battlefields in France and Belgium, a truly poignant experience. 

Margaret is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, the Melbourne Romance Writers Group (MRWG) and EPIC.  She won the 2007 and 2009 Author of the Year at Her novel Frontier Wife won the Best Historical Romance Novel at the 2010 Readers Favorite Award, and another novel, Wild Oats was a 2011 Finalist in the EPIC awards. 

Margaret is married with three grown up sons, and a gorgeous little granddaughter.

Outside of her family and friends, writing is her passion.


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The Loves We Left Behind
WWI Centenary Edition

A hundred years ago, from the far flung corners of the British Empire, young men rushed to fight for Mother England. They left their wives and sweethearts behind. Many of these brave women waited in vain for their menfolk to return. How did they cope with the loss and heartache? Could they ever hope to find happiness with another man? Contains all three novels.

Allison’s War:
In 1916, on the French battlefields, a dying soldier’s confession has the power to ruin the woman he loves.

Daring Masquerade:
Harriet Martin masquerades as a boy so she can work with her shell-shocked brother, falling in love with her boss wasn’t part of the plan.

Lauren’s Dilemma:
Lauren Cunningham, carrying the out-of-wedlock child of a soldier, marries another man who is unjustly tried for murder. To save his life, will she publicly admit her sin, and risk the diabolical consequences that will surely follow?
Falsely Accused

On board the convict ship taking them to the penal colony of Australia, Maryanne Watson and Jake Smith meet and fall in love, but Jake hides a terrible secret that will take him to the gallows if it ever comes out. 

On arrival in Sydney the lovers are separated. Maryanne is sent to work for the lecherous Captain Fitzhugh. After he attacks her she flees into the wilderness and eventually meets up with Jake who has escaped from a chain  gang. They set up home in a hidden valley and Maryanne falls pregnant.  Will  Jake come out of hiding to protect his fledgling family? And how can love triumph over such crushing odds?

Previously published as Savage Utopia

Allison's War

In 1916, on the French battlefields, a dying soldier’s confession has the power to ruin the woman he loves.
Meanwhile, on the home front, Allison Waverley has to battle shame, loss and betrayal. Can she overcome the dark secrets in her past and find happiness, or will it always elude her? 
Previously published as Wild Oats
Haunted Hearts

Haunted by the death of her soldier husband and the malice of her in-laws, Abby Palmer is on the run with her baby. She doesn’t believe in happily ever-afters. Ethan Alexander’s fiancée defrauded him out of millions then dumped him. He is in no mood to be kind to anyone. He meets up with Abby and against his better judgement helps her. Will the cynical tycoon and the young widow let their wounded hearts stand in the way of future happiness?

"This is a touching story of a young girl desperate to hang on to her daughter, Rosie, the only part of her dead husband she has left. On the plane to Australia, thanks to a booking mix up, she meets Ethan, a tycoon who has been betrayed by his fiancee and his accountant. He is bitter and cynical, vowing never to care about another woman again. Abby and Rosie work their way under Ethan's skin and fate continues to bring them together. Will the girl's steal his heart and will Ethan give Abby hope for the future?" ~ 5 Stars, Susan Horsnell, Amazon
Frontier Belle

Adam Munro, a wealthy rancher, wants a suitable bride who will provide him with heirs. He doesn’t need love in his life, not until he meets the beautiful English belle living next door and falls victim to cupid’s arrow.

Only in the new world can a highborn young Englishwoman and a tough frontier man, ignite the passion that will fulfil their hopes and dreams, in ways they never imagined possible.

"Margaret's research is meticulous, her descriptions of the climatic and living conditions in Australia in the 19th century are vivid, and she draws characters one cares about. A pleasant read." ~ Mary Clayton, Amazon

"Great descriptions, interesting information about the Australian frontier. An enjoyable rainy day read!" ~ jlb357, Amazon
A Wicked Deception

In 1854, the Australia goldfields swirl with the heated danger and betrayal of the Eureka Stockade rebellion. At the center of this maelstrom is Melanie O'Dea, a woman with a price on her head and the authorities on her heels. Melanie accepts aid from a neighbor, The Honorable Michael Guilford, but this places her in even more peril. After he seduces her and callously discards her, Melanie is left to fend for herself. Can she endure such treachery and survive the sweeping winds of uncertainty?

Readers of historical romances generally find stories set either in the wild west of the United States or in Britain. This lovely tale is set for a large part in Australia. With the detail Ms Tanner added the story comes alive with the sights, sounds and flavors of that wild land. She teaches you a bit of history while telling a tale of love, betrayal and classism.

"While at times you want to take her heroine and shake her soundly for the pure silly innocence she has, you come to care for the characters. You feel sadness at the loses they survive and happiness at the neat ending to the tale. A good read for a lazy afternoon." ~ Lisa Williamson, Amazon

Fiery Possession

Jo Saunders, a fiery American beauty, arrives in frontier Australia to save her debt- ridden brother’s farm. She clashes with her wealthy neighbor, Luke Campton, but neither of them can deny the attraction sizzling between them.

When Jo is involved in his brother’s death, Luke seeks revenge by forcing her to become his mistress. Branded a rich man’s whore and ostracized by the townsfolk, pride is the only thing between Jo and total degradation.

Hate, lust and murder. How can Jo and Luke overcome these obstacles and allow love to flourish?

"I am a lover of Historical Romance and so jumped at the chance to read a story set in Colonial Australia by acclaimed author Margaret Tanner. It was nothing at all like I expected! The author takes the usual romance formula and completely turns it on its head. This is an incredibly well written story. The author is intricately familiar with the period covered, as well as the wild Australian countryside.

This is no ordinary romance. The heroine is certainly feisty and independent, but the hero makes Heathcliff look positively stable and kind! Luke is vengeful, often nasty and downright aggravating. Still the reader is forced to sympathise with this sexy and tormented man, which is a testament to the skill of the author." ~ Sara Madigan, Amazon

Margaret Tanner Special Edition

Contains three complete novels, Lauren's Dilemma, Daring Masquerade and A Mortal Sin.

"I enjoy romance stories and those with an authentic historical background frequently have more going for them than the fantasy genre, in my opinion. Margaret Tanner's Special Edition has three novels in the one volume, all set at a time of war. The first two - Lauren's Dilemma and Daring Masquerade - are set in Australia during World War I, the third - Mortal Sins - in World War 2. The romantic aspect of these stories is traditional. Tanner shows the male/female double standard in matters of sexuality very well. Margaret Tanner's Special Edition has a great deal to recommend it." ~ Diana M. Hockley



We Never Said I Love You

A Books We Love Mini-Romance

Wounded soldier, Adrian Bancroft, has a whirlwind romance with his nurse. A foolish misunderstanding leads to a heated argument and he and Julie part in bitterness.

With the black clouds of war hovering overhead, he returns to the hospital to sort things out with the woman he loves, but Julie has been banished because she is pregnant. Amidst the chaos of wartime London, he begins a desperate search for her.

"There is a nice feel for time and place, and for the beautiful English countryside. The author was also able to convey the desperation of a country at war. I also thought that the premise of the story was interesting." Cphe, Amazon

Make Love Not War

Previously published as Cardinal Sin

Make love, not war was the catch cry of the 1960's. Against a background of anti-war demonstrations, hippies and free love, Caroline's life is in turmoil. Her soldier brother is on his way to the jungles of Vietnam. She discovers she is pregnant with her wealthy boss' baby, and her draft dodger friend is on the run and needs her help. 

"This is a traditional romance set in Australia during the VietNam era with a vivid feeling for the time and the place. The hero here is a bona fide, Old School Tie Alpha Male. How this tender-hearted young woman finally brings the upper crust bull to his knees is a marvelous story, full of twists and turns and heart-ache, plus a real understanding of how men and women were with each other during the 1960's." ~ 5 Stars, Juliet Waldron, author of Mozart's Wife and My Mozart

  Savage Possession

Note: In 2008, with a title of Storm Girl, Savage Possession was a Semi-Finalist in the Amazon Break Through Novel Award.

A sweeping tale of love’s triumph over tragedy and treachery in frontier Australia.

A mistaken identity opens the door for Martin Mulvaney to take his revenge on the granddaughter of his mortal enemy.

An old Scottish feud, a love that should never have happened, and a series of extraordinary coincidences traps two lovers in a family feud that threatens to destroy their love, if not their lives.

"This is as much an actual "historical" as it is "romance." The author knows the time period. (I just waded through Thomas Keneally's immense history, "Australians".) This is the often violent past of her astonishing--familiar and yet unfamiliar--country. Although there were moments when my belief was stretched, this powerful and compelling story of lust turning to love was a page turner." ~ 4 Stars, Juliet Waldron, Historical Romance Author

A Mortal Sin

As the world teeters on the brink of World War 2, Paul Ashfield travels to Australia in search of the mother who deserted him. He meets Daphne Clarke, and after nights of passionate love-making, they decide to marry, but Paul discovers a shocking family secret. He and Daphne share the same mother. Devastated, he quickly departs the scene.

In Singapore, they meet again, and Daphne tells him she is not his sister. They marry just prior to Singapore being invaded by the Japanese. In the chaotic aftermath, each believe the other has died during the bombing.  When they finally see each other again, it is in an English church, where Paul is about to wed another woman.

Previously published as The Trouble with Playboys

"I've read two books by Margaret Tanner, and enjoyed them both. Her talent for not only bringing history to life, but also making it steamy hot fun keeps bringing me back for more. I encourage fans of historical romance to read A Mortal Sin and find out what the War was like for those who survived it... perhaps your grandparents. As I said earlier, this was my third Margaret Tanner book. It certainly will not be my last." ~ Simone Beaudelaire
  Lauren's Dilemma

Captain Blair Sinclair returns from the trenches of World War 1 suffering amnesia, and mistakes Lauren (Laurie) Cunningham for his fiancée.

When his real fiancée turns up his memory returns, and Laurie is banished for being an imposter.

Pregnant and desperate to hide the shame of having Blair’s baby out of wedlock, she marries Dick McKinlay. He needs a wife to hide his own dreadful secret.

Dick is tried for a murder he did not commit. Will Laurie reveal both their secrets to save him from the hangman?

Previously published as Shattered Dreams
"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story is well-written and the characters fully fleshed out. I fell in love with Laurie from the first page. What I liked best about the book was the way the author tied up all the loose ends in the ending. I've never read anything set during the Great War, and I found the history fascinating. I highly recommend this book." ~ 4 Stars, Vlvm, Amazon Reader and Verified Purchase

Daring Masquerade

By the time Ross Calvert discovers Harry Martin is in fact Harriet Martin she has fallen in love with him. Realizing she has failed in her final effort to protect her shell-shocked brother, she puts a desperate proposition to Ross. Marry her and she will give him an heir.

Ross accepts.  However, he is tormented by the betrayal of his former fiancée Virginia.  On his honeymoon he meets her again and is still infatuated.  With the army recalling him to the trenches of France, he faces a terrible dilemma. Taste Virginia’s passion before he marches off to war, or keep his marriage vows to Harry.

"Margaret Tanner writes awe inspiring descriptions of Australia’s landscapes along with horrifyingly realistic descriptions of the carnage and misery in Europe during World War I that take the reader on an emotional journey that makes her feel as if she is right there in the moment. The antagonists are so vividly portrayed the reader can almost feel the meanness in them—no redeeming qualities--just evil use of social position and power to aggrandize themselves and subjugate others." ~ 5 Books, Camellia, LASR

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