Why a spoonful of medicine? As a nurse who's been spinning tales for years, the title seemed right. Especially when many of the people whose stories I tell are involved in the medical profession. Since dark nights on the front porch of the house where I lived and in the garage where my friends put on the plays I wrote, I've been a story-teller. That was my beginning and there were other steps along the way. Take third grade and my book report. I choose "Anna Karenina" and ended the book with these words; "She loved him so she threw herself under a train. There are a lot of things she could have done other than that dumb thing." After telling me I couldn't read that book, my teacher informed me I couldn't change the ending. My next experience with the world of critiquing came during my pursuit of a career as a nurse. I wrote a care study of a little boy I'd come to love. My instructor told me this was a scientific study and I should not have included emotional elements. After graduating, I married. My husband, a doctor, and I ended up in a small town where the Public Health service had a hospital. In the town was a small library. Within two months, I'd read every book and needed something to do. For Christmas, my husband bought me a typewriter and a ream of paper. Faced with a blank page, I began to write, badly at first. My first attempts were short stories, many published. Then I received a rejection that says this sounds like a synopsis of a novel. Once again, I learned. Three books and four children later, I returned to nursing to send those children to college. Once that was accomplished, I returned to exploring the world where I can change the ending, put in emotional elements and write the things I'd like to read.
Katherine Miller, a retired nurse, is protective of her friends and family. Very little happens in her Hudson Rover town that she doesn't know. Her new tenant, Rachel, upsets the balance of the neighborhood. Rachel collects men -- Katherine's son and the husband of a close friend. When Katherine finds Rachel's body in her garden, acting out of fear for those she loves, she throws the knife in the river. Now, she must find the killer and hopefully save one of her own from being charged.
Here's what the reviewers are saying about Obsessions;

"Fast-paced mainstream novel ... Walters plots carefully, each scene constructed to perfection. For readers who enjoy being terrified, this is an author to turn to for entertainment. She tells all, while managing to create paranoia among the characters."
5 Stars and Reviewer Pick of the Month! ~ Affaire de Coeur, December 1999
"The twists and turns of this highly entertaining read rushed me through right to the end ... this was definitely an enjoyable read."
4 Stars! ~Scribes World Reviews

When Nicola Gordon and her younger sisters travel from India to England, she goes to a marriage she doesn't want. 

Drew Barlow has no desire for marriage, but his distant cousin and Nicola's grandfather, ran the estates into debt. Drew agrees to the marriage for the money and to please the Dowager, Nicola's grandmother, but he has no trust in women, or in love. 

But when the two meet, they clash and come together, igniting a blazing attraction they neither one can resist.
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“4 ½ daggers! THE MIDAS MURDERS is Ms. Walters' third book in the Katherine Miller series, and every bit as wonderful as the first two. Ms. Walters only gets better as the series goes on, and that is a very difficult thing to do, as she started the series on a perfect note with MURDER AND MINT TEA. I have read all of Ms. Walters' books and there isn't one of them that I haven't fallen in love with, but her Katherine Miller series is absolutely addicting. I highly recommend that everyone read THE MIDAS MURDERS.” All About Murder Reviews
"The twists and turns of this highly entertaining read rushed me through right to the end ... this was definitely an enjoyable read."

4 Stars! ~Scribes World Reviews
D.O.N. Johanna Gordon is very involved with Hudson Community Hospital. She's never worked elsewhere. While struggling with the budget cuts demanded by the CEO, she suspects he has a scheme that might destroy her career. She has to discover his purpose. At the same time, her life expands with the return of an old flame and the arrival of a new man in her life. For years Johanna has lived in the shadows. Is she ready to step into the light?

On the world of Earda, the Jewels rule all. Power flows from their depths, and the world responds to the will of their holders - and, the will of holder of the Black Jewel, which rules them all. Yet, legend speaks of a time when there was no Black Jewel, and the lands were ruled in peace by the White Jewel. They are merely legends, now, the truth of it lost in the mists of time. Or are they? Liara and her foster-brother, Brader,intend to find out.
The position as patient care coordinator is single mother Ginny Barr's dream come true, allowing her to raise her daughter and young niece in the suburbs instead of the inner city. When the Chief of Orthopedics, and her greatest supporter, has a heart attack, his son, Blake Marshall joins the practice. Blake wants Ginny in his bed and pursues her. Though attracted to him, Ginny recalls his arrogance at a meeting several years earlier when he dismissed her judgment about a patient. Blake is faced with convincing Ginny of his love.
During the French and Indian War, Willow Who Weeps' village is destroyed by a band of hostile braves led by Rene Du Barri. Joined by an English friend, Jonathan Reed, Willow Who Weeps searches for the Frenchman. Vengeance will be hers for not only has he destroyed her home but he drove her sister to kill herself. Instead of slaying Du Barri, Willow Who Weeps is killed but she vows to follow Du Barri to the spirit world and beyond.
The Brotherhood of Mages -- The Black Jewel has been destroyed and several of the Jewels of Earda need Holders. In their hidden refuge, the Brotherhood of Mages plot to destroy the newly-found peace. When Jindera's brother is kidnapped by the Mages, she vows to rescue him. She joins with Corin, a peddler and former thief who has his own issues with the Brotherhood. His way of dealing with them is avoidance. When Jindera is injured, Corin knows he must help her. They encounter the Holders of the Orange and Green Jewel. Jindera bonds with the Red and this small group seeks the Brotherhood, hoping if the refuge is destroyed, evil will be defeated and peace restored to Earda. Can they rescue Jindera's brother before the confrontation?
When Jenessa Robertson learns the new Director of Nursing is Eric Bradshaw, she suspects this is a ploy by the hospital Board to sidetrack contract negotiations. Though attracted to Eric, she believes they are on opposite sides. As the attraction grows, she holds the secret of the not too wonderful marriage that ended with her husband's death. Eric also has a secret. He was the supervisor in charge of staffing for the ICU where her husband died. She has blamed short-staffing for her husband's death. Not exactly so, but she has yet to face the real reason. A patient with similar injuries is admitted to ICU and triggers soul-searching on both their parts. Then the pair learn of a plot to force the sale of the hospital and they must join forces to prevent this from happening. Will their growing attraction impede their search for the truth? Will they come to realize they are on the same side?
Laurel Richmond RN has always dreamed of a home, a family, and since the age of sixteen, the love of a special man - Alex Carter. Believing she would never have these things, she took a job with an international health agency. Now, burned out physically and emotionally, she returns to the States and to the town where Alex, now a widower, practices medicine. Though she still loves Alex, she has a big strike against her. She is due to inherit a large amount of money and Alex dislikes heiresses. His dead wife was one. She abandoned Alex and their son to play with her "beautiful" friends. Though attracted to Laurel, he believes she will abandon him as well. Through his son, their work together at the hospital, Alex learns to trust Laurel and she gains her heart's desire.
Take one doctor who’s made a career of temporary positions and avoiding commitment. Add a nurse who dreams of security and a settled life. Stir in infant twins bequeathed to him by his dead foster sister. Pour them into a small Texas town that wants the doctor to stay. To Dr. Neal McKay, it’s a prescription for a dilemma.
A marriage of convenience will give Carrie the means to care for her ailing mother and work one rather than two jobs. Who better than her childhood friend? Love old and new changes and they find marriage inconvenient. Will they find a way to make this marriage work?

Rating: Sensual romance
Liz Jordan's life is hectic and she has no room or time for love. She's raising twin sons who have never known their hero father. Her reliable sitter is moving to Florida. She's taken a nurse manager's position at Eastlake Community Hospital complete with a resentful and spite-filled nurse. Add widower Alex Carter, neurosurgeon and the hospital's most eligible bachelor and her problems escalate. Can she afford to step into his arms and admit she's found love a second time.

Rating: Contains sexual content.
BECOMING YOUR OWN CRITIQUE PARTNER by Janet Lane Walters and Jane Toombs:
An indispensable guide to self-editing, written by two veteran writers who share more than 63 years of experience in the art of polishing a manuscript. For the beginner, it is both a reference book and a tutorial, painlessly teaching the craft of writing along with the art of writing. For the more experienced, it offers a checklist for ensuring the final draft is as well-honed as possible.
Zelda has loved Michael for most of her life, but he seems to be working through the alphabet in his search for a wife. She's a Z and it will be years before he reaches her. Besides, when they're together, strange things happen, usually to him. How can this nurse show the doctor, she's what he ordered to make him complete? The author calls this a "doctor nurse spoof" and we think you'll really enjoy it!
FLIGHT- The Henge Betrayed, Book 1:
"We’ve been betrayed." Those words spoken by the Dom and Doma of the Wesren henge awaken their four children—two sets of male-female twins.

Each child has an affinity for one of the four elements—earth, air, fire and earth. In secret, the young teens flee their home to seek a place of safety and teachers to hone their control. They use their emerging talents in ways they never imagined.

Will their quest succeed or will they become pawns of He Who Walks In Darkness?
THE SECRET OF THE JEWELS - The Jewels of Earda Book 3:
The Black Jewel has been destroyed and the White Jewel rules the others. The Brotherhood of Mages are in flight and many of the mages are dead. Something troubles the Jewel Holders. The words of an elderly Healer send them on quests to find the secret of the Jewels they hold. Are the Jewels merely tools or is there a hidden danger in their use? The seven Holders must learn the truth.
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