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October Free Read from BWL Publishing Inc. is a historical mystery from

Diane Scott Lewis.  Click the cover to visit Diane's page and download your PDF copy.

Who murdered Lady Pentreath? The year is 1781, and the war with the American colonies rages across the sea. In Truro, England Branek Pentreath, a local squire, has suffered for years in a miserable marriage. Now his wife has been poisoned with arsenic. Is this unhappy husband responsible? Or was it out of revenge? Branek owns the apothecary shop where Jenna Rosedew, two years a widow, delights in serving her clients. Branek might sell her building to absolve his debts caused by the war—and put her out on the street. Jenna prepared the tinctures for Lady Pentreath, which were later found to contain arsenic. The town’s corrupt constable has a grudge against Branek and Jenna. He threatens to send them both to the gallows.

Can this feisty widow and brooding squire come together, believe in each other’s innocence— fight the attraction that grows between them—as they struggle to solve the crime before it’s too late?

Five Star Review from Historical Novels Reviews
Set in 18th century Cornwall, all Jenna Rosedew’s husband left her was an adolescent apprentice and a struggling apothecary shop. When Lady Pentreath’s death is deemed murder, Jenna is the first person to come under suspicion as she prepared all the dead woman’s medicine. But why would Jenna poison someone at the risk of her own livelihood? When Branek Pentreath has reason to call on Jenna, he informs her is he is putting up the rent of her shop, or does he too think she killed his wife? Jenna finds herself attracted to the man, but any connection between them could be construed as motive for murder.

Ms Scott Lewis’ portrayal of a couple trying to come to terms with conflicting emotions in an unsympathetic setting is thoroughly enjoyable. Jenna is no simpering female with no clue as to where to turn, she has her own methods of protecting her livelihood, and being accused of killing one of her clients isn’t something she is going to accept without a fight.

Branek Pentreath is also gravely misunderstood. He is not simply a heartless, ruthless mine owner, but a man of principal struggling with a failing business, suspicion from his neighbours and a growing attraction to a woman he shouldn’t even have noticed.

Ms Scott brings all the threads of this heart-warming story together into a satisfactory ending. I hope to hear more about Branek and Jenna.


BWL Publishing October New Releases

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A Park Service backpacking trip turns deadly when hikers are caught in a steep canyon during a flash flood. Three hikers are swept away, but a rescue team recovers four bodies. Park Service Investigator Doug Fletcher teams up with rangers Jill Rickowski and Liz Carpenter, and Navajo Nation Policeman Jamie Ballard. They hike river bottoms and arroyos searching for the origin of the fourth body, leaning on each other to overcome their fears, cultural differences, and emotional baggage. In the process they forge bonds that will last past the end of the investigation.

“A grueling wilderness manhunt, relentless suspense, and a deadly climax. Washed Away delivers.” Brian Lutterman award-winning author of the Penn Wilkinson mysteries

 “Washed Away combines the excitement of wilderness adventure with the suspense and action of a crime thriller.” James O’Neal author of The Devils Came in from the Country and the Riley series of historical novels



Daisy’s War is a historical romance set on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent during World War One. Daisy is too young to join the WAAFs like her glamorous sister Sylvia and opts instead to work in the NAAFI which serves the sailors and soldiers stationed in the dockyard and garrison with snacks, cigarettes and toiletries. She has vowed to stay true to Bob, her childhood sweetheart. But Bob is serving overseas and she fears he will not return. Enter tall handsome soldier Christopher, known to his friends as Lofty.








 Seventeen-year-old Will and his four friends escaped from a tropical island fortress then fought for freedom on a monstrous prison ship.  Now they reach the mainland and dock their small cruiser in the harbour of a large city, hoping at last to find answers to their origins.

At first the city is deserted, but soon drones attack them from above.  At night, sicko adults, diseased, angry and hungry, hunt them down relentlessly.  Will, Quentin, Fiona, Rose and Kevin are on the run again, knowing that capture can’t be long from coming.

When it does – what awaits the teens behind the high walls and barbed wire of the sinister research hospital, in which robots prowl the wards and sicko humans are processed like cattle?  And what lies deep inside the mysterious mountain known as the Citadel?


‘A thrilling and satisfying end to a terrific trilogy’ – Bruce McBay

  ‘One of the most exciting YA thrillers I’ve ever read’ – Susan Trapp

  ‘Post-apocalypse suspense done right’ – Joanne Lindau


Protecting his hometown was easy, but Sheriff Brad Davidson had learned the hard way the price of personal involvement. Risking his life, no problem, risking his heart, that was another issue. Love was a complication he had no desire to take again…ever. Until he came across a woman unconscious in a back alley. Without warning his life got complicated.


Dana Barrett, a young widow with four young children, looks for a fresh start in a small town. Malicious gossip ruined her life once and she swears to never let it happen again. While Dana struggles to keep a professional relationship with the attentive sheriff who’s stealing her heart, her painful past raises an unswayable wall between them.


The entire town is convinced Sheriff Davidson is the answer to Dana’s family and the town’s future.  But can they convince her that not all gossip is meant to be destructive? Sometimes you need to risk it all.



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